Here's what I use... a bit like a rig rundown, but less cool.

Soultone Cymbals:

Soultone Cymbals
14" Latin Hi-Hat Cymbals
17" Extreme Crash
9" Extreme Splash
12" Latin Splash
16" Extreme Fast Crash
21" Natural Prototype Ride
More info on my artist page

DW Drums, Hardware and Pedals:

DW Drums and Hardware
DW Pedals
Collectors Series Maple Drums
Blue Diamond FinishPly with Gold Hardware
20" x 16" Bass Drum
13" x 6" Snare Drum (with satin chrome hardware)
8" x 8" Rack Tom
10" x 8" Rack Tom
12" x 10" Rack Tom
14" x 13" Floor Tom
12" x 6" Maple Snare Drum (aux)
13" x 7" Pearl Masters Custom Maple Snare Drum
14 "x 6" Pearl CS1450 Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum
9000 Series Rack System
9000 Series Hardware
9000 Series 9300 Air-Lift Snare Stands
9000 Series 9900 Air-Lift Tom Stands (Not Pictured)
Custom Percussion Drummer's Throne
Vic Firth Stick Caddy
5000 Series AD3 (Pre-2012) Accelerator Double Pedal
5000 Series 5500TD 2-Legged Hi-Hat Stand

Remo Drum Heads:

Tom Tom Batter: Clear Emperor
Tom Tom Resonant: Clear Ambassador
Snare Batter: Coated CS Controlled Sound - Black Dot
Snare Resonant: Hazy Ambassador (Snare Side)
Bass Drum Batter: Clear Powerstroke 3 with Falam Slam
Bass Drum Resonant: Remo / DW Coated Head
Remo Drum Heads

Vic Firth Drumsticks:

Vic Firth Drumsticks
Personalised 'Player's Label' 5A Drumsticks
5A Drumsticks (VF5A)
5A Drumsticks with VicGrip (VF5AVG)
Rute 606
Heritage Brushes (VFHB)
T1 General Mallets
VicTape Drumstick Grip Tape
Flix Rock Plastic Brushes

Protection Racket Cases:

Protection Racket Cases, Bags and Drum Mat
Some originals (dating back to 1993 - as old as me), some much newer...
Protection Racket Cases, Bags and Drum Mat

ACS Custom In-Ear Monitors:

ACS Custom In-Ear Monitors
ACS Custom Pro 20 Ear Plugs
T15 Single Driver Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors

LP Percussion:

Piccolo Jam Block (Orange)
High Pitched Jam Block (Blue)
Medium Pitched Jam Block (Red)
Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell (Yellow Ridge)
Chad Smith Signature Model Cowbell
Soft Twist Shaker (Yellow)
Medium Twist Shaker (Blue)
Loud Twist Shaker (Red)
LP Percussion

Studio Bits/Pro Audio:

Pro Audio
Apple 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Early 2013), running OS X 10.14 Mojave; 2.6 GHz Intel i5, 8GB RAM, solid-state flash storage
Apple Logic Pro X
Roland Studio-Capture 16x10 USB 2.0 Audio Interface; 12 mic/line & 4 additional line inputs, 8 line outputs, MIDI and Coaxial in/out, and 2 monitor output channels
Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone x4
Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Samson 8 Kit 8-Piece Drum Microphone Set
Samson MC18 and Venom Rattler XLR Cables
Samson Microphone Stands
Zoom H4n Handy Recorder


Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i DSLR
Sigma lenses for Canon DSLR
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition x3
GoPro Hero4 Black Edition
Flip UltraHD Pocket-Sized Camcorder
Creative VadoHD Pocket-Sized Camcorder


Drum Tacs Damper Pads
RTOM Moon Gel Damper Pads
TunerFish Lug Locks